Bruce Hubler

Bruce Hubler

Almost anything you talk to them about changing it, making it more user friendly, they’re right on doing whatever they can to help you out. The customer service is just fantastic. I first saw it at the CAAA convention and I got excited about the non-lightbar system. The line-up on this thing is linear, real simple, very few components, very easy to install, very simple to learn how to operate, and when you are operating very easy to line up on.” — Bruce Hubler, Ag-Air Turbines, Caldwell, Idaho

I was able to pick the format I wanted for the screen. I like the simplest ones so that’s what I picked. Having the ability to look and see what the industry is coming up to and not waiting. It seems that they’re in front. In the last year and a half I’ve had no problems whatsoever with the system at all. It just works terrifically.” — Chuck Heppe, Chuck’s Choppers, Bakersfield, CA

Jason Colquhoun

Jason Colquhoun

“Take the CF card that stores all your jobs and put it into your office computer go to the DynaNav website and click ‘yes’ to automatically update the software … that system is going to be current 10 years from now because it’s software. It makes sense.”

“It takes about 1 1/2 – 2 hours to learn the system, after that you’re productive on your very first application. I didn’t want to spend 2 or 3 weeks or even 2 or 3 days learning how to use the system, I wanted to be able to use it right away.”

The DynaView screen allows you to have a job review window while you’re making the applications … it’s linked in real-time to the DynaViz (moving map display unit) and central processing unit (cpu) during spray application. You’re able to scroll around the field and see the areas that you treated and the areas that still need to be treated. It’s real-time job review.” — Jason Colquhoun, Valley Center, CA


Mark McDonald

“You have really got something here. I cant believe how easy the Dynanav is to line up on, even in a large field with no reference points. I was skeptical at first, I thought I would miss the light bar but now I am sold.” — Mark McDonald, Atherton Tableland Air Services, Queensland AUS

“Simple to install … can be done in 3 – 4 hours.” — Bob Hoag, Valley Center, CA

Having operated DynaNav GPS systems for over 12 years has and continues to be a rewarding experience. If hardware or software service is required, DynaNav is an example of how companies should conduct business. Direct access and openness for new ideas or constructive criticism have been their hallmark with Reed Aviation.” — Brad Reed, Reed Aviation, November 2007

The system worked flawlessly all summer (2009) and it was very easy to send clients files attached to google earth. Thank’s for your phone support when we first got the unit.”
— Britt Bookout, Ag Air Services, Lewisville, MS

I bought a Dynanav system about five years ago and it has never let me down. It’s as easy to install as it is to operate. Anytime I’ve needed service or advice, they (Dynanav) are there almost 24/7 to help. Great product and great support.” — Keith Buchanan, Buchanan & Son Aviation, Prince George, BC

We’re running (DynaNav) AirAg II systems in both our helicopters, and they’ve greatly improved our efficiency. It’s an innovative design and very user friendly, and DynaNav’s Customer Support has been fantastic. If we ever have a question, they are on it right away……that kind of service is rare in todays marketplace.” — Bob Hoag, Hummingbirds Inc., Valley Center, CA

“The DynaFlight system is not only a simple and intuitive product to use but more importantly DynaNav is a company that pays attention to details and provides impeccable service. ” — Dana Ness, AgAir Inc., Rudyard, MO

I have worked with DynaNav for over 15 years and they continually create solutions for new applications that I develop for my customers; their support has been both creative and understanding of my business.” — Gord Murray, Bi-Air Application Services Ltd., Lloydminster, AB

The 2008 season is now over and even though it has been my busiest season in many years (over 350 hours in the air), it has been one of the most enjoyable years I’ve had in a long time–that’s 44 years so far. The DynaNav GPS System is by far the most intuitive system I’ve used and I think the display is way ahead of everything else on the market.  I looked at everything that was displayed at NAAA in Reno last year and I’m glad I chose your DynaNav to replace my old system. It worked all season without any problems and it will even take care of those of us who don’t read the entire manual before starting in.
It made “learn as you go” an easy proposition, well done!”
— Paul Newby, Agwagons, Bozeman, MT

The Dyna-Nav system is the definition of “better”; greater accuracy than previous system and much simpler to use. Coupled with the (optional) integrated Ag-Laser altimeter there is no more guessing.” — Chuck Heppe, Chucks Choppers, Bakersfield, CA

Dynanav is a great product that is as easy to install as it is to fly and operate. I would highly recommend it to anyone.” — Brian Donovan Aerial Ag Service, Concordia, KS

The system is extremely easy to use and pilots require on average 30 minutes of training time to be proficient with the unit. Software support has been top notch, second to none. … The DynaNav system has proven to be a beneficial asset to our company as well as the fight against the Mountain Pine Beetle.” — Clay Govett, Frontline Resources Inc., Kamloops, BC, CANADA, excerpted from an article that appeared in the February 2008 edition of Universal Helicopter magazine.