DynaNav Systems Inc.

Since 1995, DynaNav Systems Inc., a privately owned company based just outside of Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada, has been designing and manufacturing industrial GPS (Global Positioning System) guidance and data gathering systems. DynaNav’s proprietary hardware and software products integrate the best industry solutions available today. Their use results in improved management control and productivity, greater profit and new market access for agriculture and resource industries.

DynaNav’s systems are designed to meet heavy industry standards while providing high dynamic and high definition navigation, data gathering and mapping capabilities for all forms of vehicles and applications on land or sea or in the air. The core hardware platform is comprised of the data display unit, joystick controller and processor unit. Proprietary software provides the flexibility required to address the myriad of applications and situations for which DynaNav systems are so effectively designed. Each system is easily customized for individual applications.

DynaNav’s philosophy is, “Simple by design … flexible in application.” Practical application of this philosophy produces safe, productive and durable products that are as easy to operate as they are to maintain. DynaNav is committed to ensuring that the many applications of its systems are both effective and profitable for its clients.

Simplicity and flexibility are also reflected in DynaNav’s decision to provide direct distribution, service and support of its products. In this way, DynaNav provides the latest technology as cost-effectively as possible and maintains clear communication standards. DynaNav’s continuing goal is profitable, productive customers who are comfortable with DynaNav’s products and services, resulting in the continuing growth of DynaNav Systems Inc.