DynaView Touchscreen Display (left), DynaViz Heads-up Display (right) ~ (1:39 minutes)

Displays: Heads-up & Touchscreen

Posted on 25. Feb, 2010 by in Displays, Testimonial

DynaViz Heads-up Display

DynaViz heads-up moving map display

"roadway" screen

“The heads-up display is directly in front of you and just below your line of sight. You can scan inside and outside with the flick of an eye so it’s very simple to use. The great thing is you can customize this system to how you want to use it for what best suits your needs.” — Jason Colquhoun, Valley Center, CA

“I first saw it at the CAAA convention and I got excited about the non-lightbar system. The line-up on this thing is linear, real simple, very few components, very easy to install, very simple to learn how to operate, and when you are operating very easy to line up on.” — Bruce Hubler, Ag-Air Turbines, Caldwell, Idaho

DynaView Touchscreen Display

DynaView touch-screen displayThe DynaView screen allows you to have a job review window while you’re making the applications … it’s linked in real-time to the DynaViz (moving map display unit) and central processing unit (cpu) during spray application. You’re able to scroll around the field and see the areas that you treated and the areas that still need to be treated. It’s real-time job review.” — Jason Colquhoun, Valley Center, CA

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